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Monday, September 23, 2019

A Cabinet Out of Stuff

Tucker's Grandpop may have built Gramma a new cabinet from things he found in the attic. Now, we call it "re-purposing." What might he have used to make this one?

Our daughter, Donna, and her husband, Mark, were flooded out of their home in Katy, Texas, by Hurricane Harvey. My husband, Bill, built this cabinet for them after everything on the first floor was destroyed by flood water.

After I designed it on paper, we searched an antique store to find the parts. The double bank of drawers on each side are parts of two different treadle sewing machines. Positioned on a platform with space for a "cubby" in the center, a wooden wall hanging was sized to fit as a door in the middle. Four legs from a home supply store were attached to the bottom platform board. Voila, a new piece of furniture. After we took it to Texas, Mark added more. He removed the simple legs and mounted the cabinet onto the iron sewing machine base, whose upper wooden part had been destroyed in the flood. Beautiful. Mark, if you're reading this, please post a picture of the cabinet with the authentic treadle base on my Facebook page.

If you need a new cabinet, desk, chest, or other furniture, what might you use to create it? If you actually make one or draw a picture of your idea, post it on my Facebook page, Doris Gaines Rapp - Author Page. Or, make a mock-up and use it as a discussion object at home or in class.

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