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Thursday, November 26, 2020

A Black Friday Surprise Makes a Great Gift Project

 I was out of my small picture book, Lincoln's Christmas Mouse. Each year, I put one in each of our Christmas Box ministry shoeboxes. So, I did what Gramma would have done and made something special. I printed the black and white pictures from the original computer document. The small coloring book I created with binder rings fits perfectly into some child's Christmas joy. The few I ordered will be added to the book spinner I have at Whimzy's in Huntington, and will be available on Black Friday, November 27. (Whimzy - 45 Etna Avenue, Huntington, Indiana)

In this unique year, with unique events, you too may need to create a few unique presents for your unique children. You could make your own coloring book for the children in your life. I created several that will also be available on my book spinner at Whimzy's. 

Decide on a theme. You could use the camera in your cell phone and take a series of pictures of your family pet. I printed mine on tag paper. You may choose a heavy weight printer paper. Next, send them to your computer and change them to black and white.   

Fun can be added by converting the pictures into cartoons. There are various apps on line for your use. The photos are best if they are images of people the children know, pets and other animals in their neighborhood, school scenes, or locations around home. 

Collect your images, decide on a cover from those you've selected, create a title, place them two-to-a- page, print all pages, cut the paper in half, punch two holes on the left, then slip the metal binder rings into the holes like I did with the Lincoln's Christmas Mouse Coloring Book example above.

Have fun. Hand crafted gifts are a privilege to receive. You may want to include a fresh, new box of crayons with the book. Nothing is more exciting than a twenty-four box of pristine crayons.

Doris Gaines Rapp
Copyright 2020 Doris Gaines Rapp

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