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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Off to Wellness!

 Off to Wellness!

Wow, there are so many new words: epidemic, pandemic, vaccination, and quarantine are just a few. 

Have you been quarantined with Covid 19 or one of its variants? Tucker McBride was kept home from school many times. But it was for other illnesses, not for Covid.

Tucker lived when there were diseases for which children are now vaccinated, before going to school: mumps, measles, and smallpox. He not only stayed home when he had each of those, but he also had to stay home when his brother and two sisters experienced the illnesses. So, Tucker was home for many weeks during the first, second, and third grades.

Smallpox:  Isn't it great that vaccinations have eliminated smallpox in the United States and other countries?



We all know these illnesses were very serious. Just like the symptoms that some people have when they get Covid 19. Tucker and I aren't saying Covid isn't important enough to be very cautious. But, you know Tucker. He would find a way to have fun if stuck in the house day after day. So, let's think of things to do that show we are brave, strong, and healthy under the illness. 

1. Draw a picture of what you might look like with one of these childhood diseases.

2. You and some friends have a movie date by Zooming your group and tuning into the same movie.

3. Today, there are vaccinations so people don't get these illnesses. If you could eat your favorite food and make the illness go away, what ten foods would you hope were on the list?

4. Gramma would have prayed with Tucker for healing. Write a prayer of your own for you and your friends and family to heal.

5. Write the words to Old MacDonald had a Farm that describe you conquering one of the illnesses. Here is the one I wrote:

    Oh, Dr. Rapp had the mumps.


    And on the mump, she had a bump,


    With a lump bump here

    and a lump bump there,

    Here a lump,

    There a bump,

    Both her jaws had a lump bump.

    Dr. Rapp, she had the mumps,


    And on the lump, she had a spot,


    With a bump spot here

    And a bump spot there,

    Here a bump.

    There a spot,

    Everywhere a bump spot,

    Dr. Rapp, she had the mumps,


    And on the spot, there was a freckle,


    With a freckled spot here

    And a freckled spot there,

    Here a spot,

    There a spot,

    Everywhere a freckled spot.

    Dr. Rapp, she had the mumps,


Remember, stay home, sleep often, drink a lot of water, and do as your doctor prescribes. While at home, read, do any assigned homework, and watch videos that make you laugh. Have a lot of fun. Many years ago, research showed that laughter helped your body to heal. Giggle your way to health.

Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.

Copyright 2022 Doris Gaines Rapp

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