Tucker McBride

Return to a time when a boy could be a boy; when life was more clear from the top branch of a tree; when a kid could trade anger and disappointment for action and adventure; when the whole neighborhood was his playground; and the sloppy kiss from a dog could make everything right.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Valentine - Shmalentine

 Sunday is Valentine's day. A valentine card is a picture and a poem. Have some fun and create a funny card to hang on your wall or to send to a friend. 

Now, don't let a rhyming poem frighten you. I'll give you a few couplets to start. Use them or create your own.             dog - frog,  small - call,  tap - snap,  sat - hat, day - play,  shirt - dirt,  camp - stamp,  hair - stare.

For the cover, draw, paint, cut and paste, or create the picture for the outside any way you want to.

At first, I thought of a cut and paste cover for my book, Tucker McBride. I used a colorful file folder to create a vivid blue for the background. Then, I cut pieces of old Christmas wrappings and construction paper, and pasted them into a possible cover. Let me show you how much fun I had.

Let's write a Valentine poem that would describe the picture you create. If you get stuck with a word, you can go on Google and type in, words that rhyme with baseball . . . or any other word you are trying to think of an appropriate rhyme. Feel free to use any of the couplets I already suggested. 

This is the poem I just created to go with the picture I posted here.

                                                    On my hammock in the sky
                                                    Large black birds came flying by.
                                                    Thought of you and hoped you'd climb
                                                    To my nest, please friend, be mine.

It's your project. Have fun with it. Create your own. It can't be wrong. It's your creation. 

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day. 

Monday, February 8, 2021

A Dog in the House

As you know from reading the first book, Tucker McBride, Gramma used Joe, the war dog, for many things. She sent him across the street to the grocery store with a note and money attached to his collar. The grocer tied a package of hamburger to the leather and Joe brought it safely home.

The new puppy at our house is smart and learning many new things. We put an old alarm clock on top of her sleeping crate, so she could hear the beat of her momma's heart. Tuckie pushed her tiny paw through an opening in the top and turned on the alarm tab. We were awakened at 4:30 AM that morning. 

Yesterday, my husband helped Tuckie watch the Puppy Bowl, before the Super Bowl. She was fascinated.

Write a paragraph about something special your dog did and draw a picture that illustrates it. If you don't have a dog, have fun writing a creative paragraph about a smart dog who does clever things. Enjoy yourself. Writing is great fun.

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