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Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Smooth Beginning

When Gramma was a little girl she would mirror most of her mother's activities. Tucker's great-grandma made sure Gramma had all she needed. One item was this.
     Early each Tuesday morning, after all of Monday's laundry had been dampened and rolled up waiting for Great-grandma to get out the old wooden ironing board to press them smooth, she would put the heavy metal object on the right onto the stove top. When it was hot, she would place the handle over it and secure it with the lever in the middle.  As her mother ironed shirts and dresses, Gramma ironed small handkerchiefs and doll blankets.

 Great-grandma's iron was much larger.
 Compare the irons in this photo with the height of the glass oil lamps in both pictures to see the difference in size.

Many of Gramma's toys were miniatures of adult size objects. So are yours and the ones you played with when you were younger.

Make a list of ten things you enjoy using or playing with that are small replicas of items from the adult world. - hint, things like dolls and trucks. Now, come up with ten additional toys that are smaller versions of "real" things. Next, identify your favorite and tell why you enjoy it. Have fun with this one.

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