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Friday, May 7, 2021

Mother's Day - Happy Day

Sunday is Mother's Day. Tucker and his brother and two sisters were reared by their grandparents. Tucker was a baby when his mother died. A family consists of one or two parents, grandparents, an aunt or uncle, a foster parent, or who God gave you to love. How do you want to celebrate the care they gave you on their special day?

Tucker might have picked flowers from the yard, made a bowl full of tapioca, helped Gramma run the sweeper, or made a special project. You can put together an envelope with a few self-made coupons. Your mom can select a coupon for that day, like "I will do the supper dishes for you." Perhaps you can do something like Tucker and make something for the "mother" who loves you.

You might ask her if she has some old costume jewelry, or a button box full of fancy shapes and colors. Ask her if she has some spare yarn or a shoelace she isn't going to use. String a few beads onto the yarn, or remake a broken pin into a necklace. A new, stronger thread for a string of fake pearls can make an attractive new piece. Whatever you use, get permission first, so you don't destroy a favorite necklace by mistake.

I took an old ring and a cross necklace and put them together with a bail to create a new piece of jewelry I first described in one of my books - Just in Time (a Murder, She Bogged book).

Enjoy what you are making and be proud of your work when you give it as a gift. Mothers of all types love the work of their children's hands. Your whole family will enjoy the day.


Copyright 2021 Doris Gaines Rapp

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