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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Investigate the World Around You

Hello, my friends. I'm sorry we have not met recently. As you know, I have just finished the third in my Tucker McBride trilogy, Tucker's Perfect Day. It is now available at amazon and other online booksellers. 

You have all begun your 2021-22 school year by now. Isn't learning fun?!

Learning is an everyday experience, not just during school hours. Be curious. Ask questions. Look information up on a computer or at the library. 

Tucker didn't have a computer, but he was a community detective on everything he saw or dug up.

Have your family plan your own field trips. During routine activities around town, make an information-seeking event out of it.

1. If a parent takes the car in for oil change or repair, ask to go along. Look under the hood or check what's under the car.

2. Ask the person at the dry cleaners if they will show you how to get wrinkles out of pants using their big press.

3. Check out how they print the local newspaper. When I was a child, they printed the Dayton Daily News on huge printing presses in front of floor-to-ceiling windows.

4. History museums, Art galleries, community history displays, even sports games can be learning opportunities through discussion.

5. Parents, listen to your children. Enhance their knowledge in the things the child is interested.

Now, look at a map of your area. Make a list of places of interest around you. Have a family meeting and decide which of the locations to visit first. Schedule the other activities for future dates. On many websites, you can wander around inside the Whitehouse or a favorite Zoo. For a new fable I'm writing, I investigated the rooms of Buckingham Palace online.

Have fun with learning. It is a lifelong privilege.

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