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Return to a time when a boy could be a boy; when life was more clear from the top branch of a tree; when a kid could trade anger and disappointment for action and adventure; when the whole neighborhood was his playground; and the sloppy kiss from a dog could make everything right.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Halloween in 1947

          In book three, Tucker's Perfect Day, it's Halloween time. Oh, the stuff Tucker got into. You'll just have to read the book to find out the fun he had on Beggars' Night. You can get Tucker's Perfect Day on Amazon, Barnes&Noble.com, and other online booksellers.

Gramma saw autumn differently. It was harvest season, a time to prepare for winter and the upcoming holidays. She also filtered each day through the lens of her Bible and the teachings of Jesus. I thought you might like to add some words to the treats you and our family pass out on Halloween.

You can use computer templates for business cards, or simple paper you trim to size. Create a nice greeting and type it into the computer for your cards. Perhaps you will want to use one that I created.

            Example 1:    You don't have to trick me.

                                    God's love and my treat are free.

            Example 2:    God blesses the harvest

                                    and the plantings we start.

                                    For what we create

                                    Reflects Christ in our hearts.

You can decorate the cards with fall stickers and pass them out along with the sweet treats. You might come up with something more to your liking. You have time to get it done. Have fun with it.


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